Texas gets its fair share of cold nights. Having a reliable furnace is a must! If you encounter these 3 seemingly small issues, you should definitely look into fixing them. A furnace, although with its regular use, can always lead to a shortened lifespan.

Here is how to spot problems with your furnace, although our respected US Home Comfort experts will always remind our homeowners to regularly check their systems for these three signs:

Sign #1 – Irregular Heat Distribution in Your Home

Your furnace, if fully functional, should provide adequate heating for every room in your home. We’re looking for each room to be in the same temperature range – equal distribution from your furnace. If you notice that the majority of the rooms in your home or even a select few aren’t as warm as you’d like them to be, you may have an issue with your furnace. There are two possible reasons:

Reason #1: Your furnace may be at the end of its life cycle.

Reason #2: Your furnace is too small to keep up with the size of your home

There are two possible reasons: your furnace is nearing the end of its service life or your home is too large for your furnace. Furnace repair can help extend

Sign #2 – Your furnace is making weird noises

The older your furnace, the more likely it will begin to break down in one way or another. Aging furnaces will begin to make noise and that is a sure sign that a problem with your furnace is to follow. Lookout for the following types of noise:

  1. Banging
  2. Popping
  3. Rattling
  4. Squeaking

Need not worry, the majority of these problems that result in strange noise can be resolved through a replacement part.

Sign #3 – Your pilot light has a yellow flame

A furnace that is in healthy condition has a blue flame. You want to check your pilot light periodically to ensure the flame is blue and not yellow. We’re all about efficiency and effectiveness of your furnace. When you see a yellow flame, it means that your furnace is not burning the fuel efficiently and ultimately outputting at a lower temperature. Less heat means your furnace needs to work overtime leading to higher bills. A yellow flame is also a key indicator that your furnace is letting off carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is an odorless and poisonous gas. Always be sure to open up windows and air out your home when you spot a yellow flame!

At US Home Comfort, we ensure all our homeowners are informed of these key indicators to prevent your furnace from failing. When you spot these warning signs, be sure to call a specialist to come and repair your furnace as soon as possible!

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