One can only imagine all the thoughts running through your mind when facing challenges with your furnace. You’re not a specialist, so how would you know how to spot problems or even resolve issues with your furnace. Do sweat it! Before you decide to pick up the phone and give a repair guy a call, there are a few things you can check with your furnace to figure out why it keeps shutting off more than it really should.

Sign #1 – Check the Thermostat

Oftentimes, you would set your thermostat and completely forget all about it – unless of course you’re not comfortable and need to adjust the temperature. You should check your thermostat, if it is an old one, periodically as you may find the batteries have run out of juice. The placement of your thermostat should be another consideration, as that will make a difference. If your thermostat is close to a window and is in direct sunlight or there is a heating element near it, it could indirectly affect what your thermostat reads, causing it to assume your home has reached the desired temperature

Sign #2 – Check the Air Filter

Filters are used for two things:

  1. Keeping the air circulating in your home clean
  2. Keeping your system clean and debris-free

US Home Comfort recommends our homeowners to check their filters regularly as it will avoid the hassles of unwanted and avoidable repairs, but also prevent your system from shutting down due to being overworked. The older the filter is, the harder it will be on your system to flow air over the heat exchanger.

Sign #3 – Check your home’s insulation

Insulation is key! If your home is not properly insulated, your furnace may shut down more frequently. Check your home and do a little work trying to understand the trouble areas in your home with regards to the differences of temperatures from room to room. Check if your windows and doors are all closed. Check if there is a draft seeping through any cracks as these are contributing factors to why your system may shut down.

These are all simple checks you can do around your home on your own. Should you find the issue of your furnace to continue after you have made your inspection, it may be time to call the professionals. The more your furnace shuts off, the risk of added expense in extensive repairs and costs will increase. Prevent yourself from added stress and expenses by dealing with the issue sooner rather than later. You’ll thank yourself in the long run.

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